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Classics & Modern CULTURAL CENTER of PURE ARTS named after Isadora Duncan
[DUNCAN Center]
St.-Petersburg, Russia

[the project "ClassicA-Modern"]

Unfortunately, at the moment, our Center and Museum do not have a space and do not have a permanent address. Center exists as a group of associates and as an extensive set of projects implemented in practice in the one Center. We are open to cooperation and will be happy to work with all those interested in the philosophical enlightenment ideas and multifaceted creativity of the great dancer.

The DUNCAN-Center is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation which has been in existence since 1996. The centre represents a unique and promising area in art and culture. The Centre's activity focuses on educational work, theatre and dance instruction, aesthetic and artistic development, cultural and philosophical education, dancing and general physical training for children and adults. Today, within the framework of the Cultural Center, there is a theatre of plastic ballet 'ClassicA-Modern' in operation, a 'ClassicA-Modern' school of plastic and dance, which cooperates with other dance groups, musicians, and artists.

The project 'ClassicA-Modern'
Duncan Center Russia, St.-Petersburg
The cultural Center of Pure arts
Annual international festival of memory of Isadora Duncan
School of plastics and dance
School of pure arts
Theatre of plastic ballet 'ClassicA-Modern'
Orchestra of plastic movement
The machine for drawing music (MusicBrushMachine) [the Multimedia project]
Isadora Duncan's museum
Cinema company 'ClassicA-Modern'
Club Duncan in Petersburg
Project 'Our city'

Leaders of the organisation:
Olga Troul, artistic director
Andrei Panov, project manager
skype: duncancenter
e-mail: duncancenter@mail.ru

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